Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wish List

If I could host my wedding all over again...I would do it exactly the same way!  I loved every minute of it and all of our vendors were fabulous!

However, there were still several reception venues that I thought would have been SO cool to plan a wedding around...and that's why it's an awesome gig to be a wedding planner--you just might get to try out some of those scenarios if you're lucky!

Here is a list of five of the many Chicagoland reception locations that I'd love to plan a wedding in.  Any potential brides out there take note--and hire me to help you, k?  Thanks ;)

In no particular order...


The building is located right in the loop--and was designed by John Root and Daniel Burnham (Devil in the White City, anyone?)  It's got the gorgeous staircase, stunning architectural details, skylights, what more could you ask for?  Plus it's such a blank slate you could really do anything with the space!  


I guess I like Pazzo's for some of the same reasons I like the Rookery.  Lots of light--located in the loop. But this has an added bonus--it's connected to Pazzo's, an Italian restaurant, so no need to hunt around for caterers.  They're really reasonable for a downtown Chicago wedding location, too!


The Grand Piazza is located inside the Italian American Sports Hall of Fame and was actually one of the first places we considered for our wedding but they were booked!  My husband is Italian-American and played baseball through college so it would have been perfect, but as I said I'm totally happy with our final choices.  The Grand Piazza is located in University Village and has the perfect skyline view on its rooftop deck:

How about that for a background??


Actually, this photo doesn't really do it justice because this place is gorgeous!  I went to a wedding here about 6 years ago and it was absolutely stunning.  I think they had something like 400 people at their wedding, so if you're looking for someplace aside from a hotel ballroom to host a large wedding you should consider Chateau del Mar.  If I remember correctly the bride and groom were able to purchase their own liquor which is a HUGE money-saver, too!  It's located in Hickory Hills.  Check it out!


I'm starting to realize I have a "type".  The Winter Garden, located on the top floor of the Harold Washington Library, is open and airy with lots of light.  Lots of light=beautiful photos!  Next time you're at the 'brary at State and Van Buren, go upstairs and check it out.  It's open to the public when not rented out for a private event.

There are so many more venues I would LOVE to work in and I'm sure others I have not even discovered.  What are your favorite Chicagoland venues?  Although 4 of the 5 listed here were downtown Chi, I'm open to any and all suggestions within Chicago and the suburbs.  Let's hear your ideas!

Lots of love,


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