Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cool people I met this week

Lately I've been trying to reach out to other wedding vendors in the Chicagoland area both to network and to build a larger portfolio of vendors to recommend to my clients! So, I'm going to start a new series on the blog..."cool people I met this week" so I can tell y'all about the great people I'm meeting and share the wealth :)

Since this is the first installment, we're going to use the term "week" very loosely...and I'm just going to talk about a couple cool people I've met recently. :-D

1) Kelly Marie from Fleur. I met Kelly after recommending her to one of my October brides who ended up booking. I'd seen her BEAUTIFUL work before but had never met her, so I found her on twitter (love me some social networking) and we arranged a time to meet. Kelly has been SO amazing. She's totally taken me under her wing and gave me a list of great vendors who I should be in contact with--hence the start of this list of all the cool people I'm meeting. I've already arranged to meet up with several and it's only leading to more connections. So THANK YOU Kelly! And if you're in the Logan Square ' should pop in her shop on Logan Blvd. Here's some eye candy for ya:

2) Jaclyn, Jaclyn Simpson Photography. Jaclyn and I were introduced by a mutual friend and ended up meeting up for coffee a few weeks ago. She started her photography business a couple years ago and it is totally taking off. We've now gotten together twice and it's been so great bouncing ideas off of one another! She's been a great coach in getting me to feel more confident about my skills--I know we'll be working together sometime in the near future...brides-to-be and anyone looking for a photog, check out Jaclyn's great work! (A couple samples below)

If you have any great vendor recommendations let me know...more introductions to come!
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  1. I know Jaclyn!!! She's an amazing woman!! Definitely someone you want to stay friends with for life. Not only is she a great photographer, but she is also a great friend. What great fortune to have her in my life.


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