Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day of...Month of...YEAR of Coordination?

I've had several people ask me what is included in a "day-of" coordination package... and, frankly, that's a topic for another day (or a one-on-one consult with Five Grain Events *wink*)  However, I did want to address the glaring misnomer that is day-of coordination.

When Five Grain Events is hired for day-of coordination, it's true that--aside from a casual emailed question--you are not going to have the same kind of attention leading up to your event as you would if you had hired us for full planning.  However, we are still working hard behind the scenes!  We are creating checklists, contact lists, connecting with the "vendor team," and preparing everything so that a month or two before the big day we can meet for our first planning meeting.

At the planning meeting I try to get a general idea from the bride/host/hostess on the timing for the day and fill in any gaps in my information.  After that, the work REALLY starts!  I'm compiling all the information into day-of timelines, reaching out to vendors to get their opinions on proposed timings and plans, making a list of announcements for the MC, and running through the course of the day in my head over and over to make sure that we're not forgetting any small detail!  (i.e. "Ok, the guests are getting seated and the ushers are handing out programs--oh!  we can't forget a small basket to hold the programs...").

When we're just a few days out from the wedding, I present all of the above to my client, make any tweaks necessary and then send out information to vendors.  I calm any bridal nerves and then make sure my emergency bag is stocked.  Generally the day before I pick up all DIY or heirloom materials and drop it off at the venue.  Then I run the ceremony rehearsal and send the bridal party off to the rehearsal dinner while I go home to check everything over. one. more. time.

Now--all of that work and we haven't even reached the DAY OF--or any follow-up that's done AFTER the wedding is over!  Can you see why it's a major misnomer?  I am, however, sheepishly admitting to continuing to call it day-of coordination on my website.

What do you think is the best name for {the-job-formerly-known-as-day-of-coordination}?
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  1. Great Post! It's so important for brides and grooms to understand all that goes on behind the scenes! Maybe it should be called "Day of Plus...Plus some more Coordination". Too long?? :)


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