Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cool people I met this week. Volume IV

Happy Sunday, all!  Last week I had the great opportunity to visit with three awesome vendors at two locations in Evanston that are RIGHT next door to each other.  Pretty convenient!

1) Jeremy Lawson was introduced to me originally by Kelly from Fleur but is also a very popular guy; many of the other vendors I've met with over the past few weeks know and love Jeremy and his photography work.  We met in his bright and colorful loft that he just moved into a couple weeks ago.  Jeremy has a really fun and energetic personality that, judging from his photos, is readily transferred to his clients.  I swear, every last one of his couples looked like they were having the time of their lives in the photos!  :)  Joining us on our meeting was Jeremy's adorable puggle, Charlie, but I was told that Jeremy is trying to teach Charlie to live upstairs during client meetings.  I didn't mind ;).  Below are some of Jeremy's photos that showcase his talent for bringing out the pure joy and beauty in his clients, but check out his blog for even more.

2) When I contacted Jeremy about meeting, he immediately suggested that I see if Lori Roche and Matt Buckman of I Do Films wanted to get together on the same day since they're right next door.  Luckily it worked out and I was able to wander over after my meeting with Jeremy.  Lori and Matt were really welcoming and it was a beautiful night so the three of us sat out on their rooftop deck and talked business.  I Do's story is really quite amazing.  Matt began filming weddings of friends and colleagues a couple years ago just for fun.  When word got out about his talent, he booked a slew of other events until he realized he couldn't do all the work required and still maintain his 9-5 job.  Lori and Matt officially started I Do just about a year ago--and I believe they said they have over SEVENTY weddings booked for 2010!!  And yet, I'm not surprised.  Their work is stellar (plus in addition to Hi-Def digital recording they also use Super 8 which give a unique vintage feel) and they are really great, down-to-earth people, so who wouldn't want to hire them to help capture their day?  I've included a clip from their blog of a wedding film, so you can see why I Do Films is a total necessity at your wedding!

Andrew & Kara from I Do Films on Vimeo.

Thanks, Jeremy, Matt, and Lori for your hospitality and meeting with me last week.  Can't wait to connect again :).

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