Monday, May 3, 2010

Cool people I met this week. Volume V

Hello everybody!  I'm back again with a couple new cool people to introduce...

1) Veronica Hinojosa and I met for lunch at the French Market on Thursday.  In the interest of full disclosure, we had actually met for the first time at the Fast Track for each other meeting a couple weeks ago.  Our mutual friend, Jaclyn Simpson, suggested I attend and I was lucky enough to meet V (as she's known to her friends!) there.  V is a soft-spoken but really interesting gal who started her photography business about 5 years ago.  Her calm and caring demeanor would make her a fantastic person to have around on wedding day--and her images show that!  All of her photos show how relaxed and comfortable her clients are with her, and I felt the same way after spending some time with her!  V shared with me some of the things she struggled with and her successes in starting a business.  As a newbie business owner myself I am so appreciative of the time that all these "cool people" are giving me and helping me along the way.  See below for a couple of Veronica's images and check out her website to see more!

2) Jessie Stevens and I actually met via Twitter, believe it or not!!  She followed me, I checked out her work, liked it, and told her so.  (Had you told me a year ago that I'd be meeting with people I met on the internet I would have looked at you like you were crazy! haha).  We decided to grab drinks on Friday in her neighborhood of Lincoln Square.  Over German beer at Huetten Bar we discussed her experience (5 years in the industry), building our businesses, and all our commonalities--including having met our respective husbands in our late teens--aah, how our lives have changed!  :)  Jessie has this really great laid back personality but she works really hard for her clients.  She assists them in organizing the day and creates a photo timeline to make sure all the shots they're hoping to get are taken.  As a planner that's something I can really appreciate because it makes it easy for me to incorporate into my full-day timeline knowing we're on the same page.  We also chatted about all these great people I've been connecting with and I encouraged Jessie to meet with some other vendors so she has some go-to recommendations for her clients.  See some of Jessie's beautiful images below!

This upcoming week is a busy one--so I'll have LOTS to talk about in my next installment :)

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  2. Don't you just adore V??? She is one of the coolest people I know and an incredibly talented photographer and business owner! So glad you two were able to connect! I am looking forward to hopefully meeting Jessie one of these days too! She seems great!


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