Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cool People I Met This Week. Volume VII

So I've gotten behind on my cool people posts, but I have good reason:
-I decided to go full-time with Five Grain Events and I've been trying to get everything settled at my old job before I left (aah!)
-I had a wedding last weekend at the gorgeous Arts Club in Chicago--blog post to come as soon as I get some pics!

So, enough are the cool people I met this (and last!) week:

1) Mary Nisi from Toast &Jam DJs.  Mary was one of those people recommended by several of the people featured on former Cool People posts:  Kelly Marie Uss, Amanda Hein, and Jeremy Lawson all gave enthusiastic reviews of Mary and the T&J team!  Mary and I met at her studio space in Bucktown on a Friday afternoon.  We chatted about our businesses and philosophies and Mary gave me some insider information on which reception spaces in the area make for the best parties (although you'll have to hire Five Grain Events and/or Toast & Jam to find out!).  The T&J team aren't your usual cheesy MCs.  They keep the party going and all have lots of experience to make sure that your event never loses momentum.  Definitely look into Toast & Jam for your entertainment:  but talk to them early, they book up fast!

Mary from Toast & Jam DJs

2) Lee Calihan from Calihan Catering.  I'm lucky enough to have a mutual friend with Lee, and the three of us met for drinks a little over a week ago.  Lee is a cool person with incredibly forward-thinking ideas.  I worked with Calihan a lot over the last four years in my full-time job and there is no denying their fantastic service and beautifully prepared delicious food.  In this day and age, however, it takes a lot more than good food to get by in the catering business.  Lee totally rebranded the Calihan image and name and is a driving force behind this great company.  In addition, Calihan's most recent venue space, run by Lee herself, is FANTASTIC!  At our meeting, Lee told me about the Oak Brook Bath and Tennis Club.  I went by a few days later to look at it for my Sept. 2011 clients and, although it was slightly too small for their wedding, I definitely want to bring future clients there.  So, in sum, definitely check out Calihan Catering and Oak Brook Bath and Tennis Club.  And Lee, it was great to meet you--let's get together again soon!

I've got lots more to come in the next stay tuned!
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  1. I looked at the Oak Brook Bath and Tennis Club for my wedding a few years ago! Beautiful place for a reception, but it was a little too small for my wedding too.


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