Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cool People I Met This Week. Volume VIII

Now that I'm full-time with Five Grain Events I've had a lot more time to meet with vendors--AND potential new clients :)  Five Grain Events has booked a couple new weddings coming up and I can't wait to share them with you as they come along :)

For now, though, I'll tell you about the fabulous people I've met:

1) Eric Snoza, Sno Studios Photography.  Eric was someone recommended to me by Kelly a few months ago but it took us this long to actually get together!  Eric started his photography studio after taking headshots of the fellow members of his music ensemble.  They turned out so great that he started getting requests to take more photos...shoot weddings...and the rest is history!  Eric's photography style is all about capturing the day as it happens rather than creating pictures.  I was also impressed with his scope of photography packages.  Sno Studios' services can truly fit into any budget.  I'm hoping we'll have toe opportunity to work together soon!  See some samples of his work below.


2) Katie Hall from Gallery 1028.  I had actually heard about this gorgeous and edgy venue when Calihan hosted a launch party there a couple years ago .  I was unable to attend then and it sort of slipped from my consciousness until Jaclyn Simpson visited and recommended that I do the same.  The space is amazing and would be perfect for any size party--from an intimate gathering to a large cocktail reception for 400 people, Gallery 1028 would be perfect.  They've hosted everything from weddings to fashion shows to concerts there!  It was originally a tannery in the early 1900s and still maintains the original wood floors that have that really cool weathered look.  The exposed brick with white walls dividing the space creates a beautiful blank canvas with a slight grittiness to it--just the right amount ;).  Here are a couple pictures but visit the website for more!

3) Andie Cumber, Makeup artist.  Andie is a good friend of both Livia Caporale and Dennis Lee.  She and I met last week for coffee and just chatted about the business.  Andie has been in the makeup business for many years and really knows her stuff.  What I particularly liked about Andie is that she's both very efficient but also very relaxed.  I can see that she'd be a great calming influence on any bride.  She told me that her top priority is keeping the day running on schedule--which is a huge help to planners like me! :)  Andie is a makeup expert and in addition to painting faces she also writes her own beauty blog which you check out here.  View a couple of Andie's beautiful brides below and view her site for more.

4) Chris Castaneda, Allure Photo.  Chris and I met at a Fast Track meeting a few months ago.  We decided to get together so I could learn a bit more about his style.  Chris grew up in "the business":  his father owns a print studio in the Chicagoland area.  He went to school for finance but sometime after he worked in finance for a bit he decided photography was the way to go instead.  In the first print competition he entered, he won first place!  The images that he produces really are fine art.  See a couple below and go to his site to view more.  It was great meeting Chris and I hope we'll get to work together in the future.

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