Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cool People I Met This Week. Volume XI

It was so great meeting so many wonderful folks at the tweet-up on Thursday!  Can't wait to blog about that and share the photos.  In the meantime, here are some more cool people you should get to know...

1) Kristin, Prairie Production.  I think most of us have seen those gorgeous photos of weddings taking place in the oh-so-chic venue:  a blank canvas that has been transformed into a magical space.  Prairie production IS that space.  Featuring a wall of windows, light gray floors, white walls and lovely white paper lanterns; it was originally intended (and is still used) as a photography studio.  It would be perfect for the couple who wants a minimalist look, or is an ideal backdrop for those who want to add more color and detail.  It's located on Randolph so is in a really great location for any guests you have staying in the city!  If you're looking for a venue for your next event--wedding, rehearsal dinner, corporate event, make sure to look into Prairie Production. 

Prairie Production via Fresh Appetizers
Prairie Production via Wedding Mapper

2) Jamie, West Loop Studio.  Like Prairie Production, West Loop Studio doubles as a photography studio.  It's really conveniently located (in the west loop, of course!) and is a very hip loft space ideal for parties of about 100.  It's got great original wood floors, white walls and high ceilings.  Although it's a big open space, there are areas in the room easily dedicated for ceremony, cocktails, dinner, and dancing.  If you book West Loop Studios to do your photography as well, you can utilize their back room as a photobooth--they have some of their best images framed on the wall for inspiration to get silly :)  See the below photos but also make an appointment to view the space with Jamie.  She's a great gal to know and has lots of wonderful ideas for transforming WLS into the perfect space for your event.

3) Natalie, Hello Darling.  Natalie and my good friend, Kelly Marie, from Fleur teamed up recently to create Darling Fleur, a floral design class.  I'd been interested in meeting with her for a while (based on Amanda Hein's recommendation) but seeing photos from their amazing class was just the kick-in-the-bottom I needed :).  I met with Natalie in her studio and while she showed me photos of her beautiful work we talked about our histories and similarities (we're both singers!  I'm trying to convince her to join my choir, Wicker Park Choral Singers; she lives in Oak Park and I grew up there, etc.).  Her style leans toward Old Hollywood (hence the business name, i.e. "Oh, helloooo, dah-ling") and runs the gamut between lavish and minimalist.  As you're figuring out your floral needs, definitely look into Hello Darling (oh, and say hello to Natalie for me while you're there!).


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