Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tweet-Up Photos

Thank you so much to all the fabulous wedding vendors who came to our tweet-up last week.  It was great to finally put faces to the twitter handles I communicate with so often :)  All photo credits go to the oh-so-talented Otto Rascon of Otto Rascon Photography.  Thank you, Otto!

The tweet-up was held at the gorgeous Elate Restaurant in the Hotel Felix.  We were so lucky that Elate agreed to donate both the space and the delicious savory hors d'oeuvres!

Keiko Kubo donated this beautiful Ikebana floral arrangement.  Isn't it lovely?

In addition to the Elate apps, we were lucky enough to have Candice Hunsiger of Cacao Bakery (see also the Five Grain post about her here) provide Rising Moon beer cupcakes, caramel pistachio brownies, cheesecake pops, and cake truffles for our enjoyment.  Sooooo yummy!

My partner-in-crime, Maureen of Bon Moment, did SO MUCH for this event.  She created all the branding materials, the signage, and came up with the name.  She even made individual name tags for everyone attending!  Here's a photo of me trying to do my part to make 'em look organized on the table :)

...and Maureen lookin' pretty by the window
 I'm certain that everyone connected with at least one new person, so I'd call it a success just based on that:  but it was a lot of fun, too!  (By the way, whoever came up with the mojito idea, it went viral.  I think everyone I saw had one in their hand!)

Thank you, again, so much to Otto for taking such great photos of this event.  Can't wait to do it again!


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  1. Great event, Joan and Maureen!! I definitely met some really awesome new people! And, of course, Otto did a great job capturing the event! btw...where are all the incredibly awkward photos that Otto loves to take of me ;)???


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