Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cool People Volume XIV: Steve Koo Photography

Those of you who are twitter-ers (tweeters?) can understand how it might be difficult to pinpoint the exact moment you were connected to someone on twitter.  A couple of months ago via a series of back and forth tweets and re-tweets, Steve Koo, of Steve Koo Photography, and I set a date for coffee.  :)  I had heard great things about him--and his wife and I share a mutual friend!--so I knew it was time we met in person.

We got together at a cute coffee shop in Lincoln Square called Cafe Neo and just...well...chatted!  We talked weddings, of course, but also discussed the perils of home ownership, both of our semi-recent marriages, and "the biz".  Steve struck me as being extremely REAL.  Photography is truly his passion and it is reflected in both his work (absolutely amazing photos) and the way he talks about his clients.  He doesn't mind doing two weddings in a row because, well, he loves what he does!  That's the recipe for a really dedicated photographer if you ask me.

Here are a few of his photos...but be sure to check out both his website and blog for more.

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