Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cool People Volume XVI: Avery House

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of having dinner with an amazing group of folks.  The get-together was the brain-child of the lovely bride and groom, Amy and Matt, and the purpose was simply to get their "dream team" (aka wedding vendors) together prior to their May wedding so that by the time the big day rolled around we'd all feel like a family.  And clearly, it worked!  Amy and Matt really have compiled a fabulous team to bring together on their wedding day.  I've already featured some of them on the blog here: Elan from I Do Films was there (here's my post about I Do), Dena from Toast & Jam came (here's my post about T&J), and Matt and Stevi from Avery House.   And here's my...oh wait!  I haven't featured Avery House yet!  So here we go :)

Matt and Stevi were some of the first people I heard about in the industry but it actually took the middle of this summer before I was able to meet Stevi in person (and I didn't meet Matt until last night!!).  As Stevi and I were having breakfast together in August, I was struck with how incredibly humble she was, and yet SO passionate about the work she and Matt do.  You should have seen her eyes lighting up when she was describing a service trip to Mexico they were organizing with other photographers.

Honestly, their photos could be straight out of a magazine.  They are constantly looking for new inspiration and developing their skills and style by putting together test shoots.  Just recently they moved into a new studio along with I Do Films to build, in my humble opinion, one of the most amazing partnerships in all of wedding-dom!  If a picture's worth a thousand words, I'd say Avery House's are probably worth a million, so I'd better show you some pics before this post gets way to long...

Avery House

 Make sure you look into their website and blog for all their latest work.  You won't  be disappointed!
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  1. Awww...I love Matt and Stevi to pieces!!! And I could not agree with you more about their talent and their partnership with I Do Films!! Great post, Joan!!

  2. So sweet, thank you Joan, and we can't wait for Amy and Matt's wedding. It will be a blast.

  3. Love their work - and you're right - Stevi is a sweetheart!


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