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I would wager that most successful entrepreneurs can pinpoint something specific that helped their business grow from an unpredictable start-up to a sustainable business.  

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My "thing" is Kelly Marie Uss from Fleur.  :)  A year ago today Kelly and I met for lunch to get to know each other.  I had heard great things about Fleur and so referred her to my October 10th wedding.  That evening was the rehearsal for my first wedding as Five Grain Events.

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As we chatted I got to hear Kelly's story of how she started in the business--it was an incredibly easy conversation.  All of a sudden I felt comfortable enough to ask her a question I hadn't had anyone to ask before...and then another...and then another.  I walked away from our lunch armed with a list of fabulous vendors to meet with and a renewed feeling of confidence.

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A few weeks later I got a great phone call--a bride looking for a day-of coordinator, referred by Kelly Marie.  Megan ended up booking as did four other 2010 brides.  Over half of my weddings in 2010 were with Fleur and from those 6 I have gotten 4 referrals--and it's only March.

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I don't even want to try to quantify how much Kelly's referrals will mean for Five Grain Events.  But I do want to say how much her encouragement and friendship has meant to me personally over the past year.  As a new planner, Kelly helped me gain the confidence I needed to feel comfortable in my new role as an "expert in my field".  (Ok, I still don't feel comfortable calling myself an EXPERT, but I'm getting there!).

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Since I haven't been able to properly thank Kelly for everything she's done (what could I do?  send flowers??)  I thought this would be a way to commemorate the one-year mark of our great relationship.

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I hope that one day I can be as inspiring to a newcomer in the wedding industry as Fleur has been to me.  And in the meantime I'm happy just to be collaborating with another fantastically fabulous Logan Square wedding vendor! <3
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  1. We're so happy that Kelly referred us to you, Joan!! Best wishes as you keep growing! :)


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