Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cool People (Places) Volume XVIII: Greenhouse Loft

One of my favorite Chicago venues for a smaller soiree is West Loop Studio.  Featuring light wood floors, and an airy and warm's the perfect location to mimic the idea of having a wedding at your own home--but without all the cleanup.  :)  In fact, it was featured here as one of my original "cool people" posts last summer.  That's why I was shocked to learn that beginning in November 2011, West Loop Studio will be closing its doors.  But fear not!  Something even better is on the horizon...
Greenhouse Loft is a brand new event space run by Steve Ewert and Jamie Kelter of West Loop Studio-fame.  The new space will be housed inside the Green Exchange, a Platinum LEED certified retail/office building in the Logan Square neighborhood.  Greenhouse Loft is currently in the build-out phase, but will have such incredible features as a green roof, solar thermal panels, and even a "green escalator" that will have occupancy sensors to use 30% less energy than a traditional one!

Of course, eco-friendly is important, but I'm sure what you're thinking is:  "what does this place look like??"

Check out some of these renderings to see what's in store.  Even if it didn't have the LEED certification, this would be an absolutely stunning venue to host a wedding or event.

The outside of the Green Exchange:

Greenhouse Loft

Inside the event space...floor to ceiling windows.  You can see why it's called "The Greenhouse".
Greenhouse Loft

This is the garden your guests will overlook from the glass room...sigh...
Greenhouse Loft

If you want to take a look at the space in person, they are beginning tours in the spring!  Greenhouse Loft is the perfect setting for the eco-chic bride.  Contact Jamie for more info.
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cool People Volume XVII: Pollen

I am very excited that in a few weeks I get to attend a workshop put on by the Chicago Green Wedding Alliance.  It is geared specifically toward planners and is going to give me the tools to help my clients create "greener" weddings.  Given the timing, I thought this is the perfect opportunity to introduce Lynn Fosbender, who is a founding member of the CGWA!

Lynn and I were introduced by Jamie Kelter who is the venue manager at West Loop Studio, a photo studio and event space.  (Jamie is also working on a new exciting venue--post to come shortly...stay tuned!).  Lynn started Pollen a couple years ago after spending time working with other florists.  With her background in horticulture and brilliant personality (stop blushing, Lynn!) it was the perfect time to launch out on her own. by Matushek Photography

What's really exciting, though, is that over the last several months Pollen has been transitioning to become a strictly eco-friendly florist.  What does that mean, exactly?  Lynn wrote a great post on just that subject...I've excerpted a bit below, but make sure to read her whole post here:

-Designing in water, not floral foam
-Working with sustainably grown flowers
-Working with the seasons
-Considering the life of the centerpiece after the event
-Supporting the community
-Working to reduce, reuse, and recycle


If you are looking for a florist who can do absolutely beautiful work, while still maintaining a green focus, you should definitely give Pollen a call.  And if you're just looking for a really talented floral designer...well you should head over to Pollen as well!

 Pollen is working on a Five Grain Events wedding at the end of April, so you'll get to see her work on the blog sometime this spring (gosh, that seems so far away, doesn't it??).  Can't wait!
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kristen and Adam's Chic Downtown Wedding at The Allerton

Kristen and Adam's wedding was the last hurrah for the Five Grain Events 2010 wedding season--and it couldn't have been a more perfect ending.  The day began with hair and makeup in a bright and sunny suite at The Allerton Hotel.  Kristen had her four bridesmaids with her (including her 9-month pregnant cousin, Katie, who looked absolutely FABULOUS!).  When she put on her incredible wedding gown, the gasps and the giggles said it all.  :)

Timothy Whaley Photography
The ladies got to choose their own red shoes to go with their black bridesmaid dresses.  SO FUN!

Timothy Whaley Photography

I always love the contrast between where the ladies get ready for the wedding and where the guys do.  As long as there is beer and TV, the fellas never seem to mind. ;)

Timothy Whaley Photography
Kristen and Adam chose to do a first look so that they could get some great photos outside at the Museum Campus prior to the ceremony.  Lucky for us, the other ballroom at The Allerton was not in use so they shared their private moment there.

Timothy Whaley Photography
While the bridal party was off on their photo shoot with Jeannette and Lisa from Timothy Whaley Photography; my assistant, Sara, and I were setting up for the ceremony and reception.

Timothy Whaley Photography

Kelly Marie Uss from Fleur once again created a gorgeous floral look for Kristen and Adam's black, white, and red color scheme, and Kristen's mom took on all the paper products.  It was a wonderful group effort!

Timothy Whaley Photography
Before long, the bridal party had returned to The Allerton and it was time for the ceremony.  They included traditions from both Jewish and Christian services and Kristen's cousin, Dan, officiated.  It was really personalized--I absolutely ADORED the readings they selected.

Timothy Whaley Photography
The guests filed out of the ballroom where the ceremony had taken place so that The Allerton's staff could flip the room.  Fleur's centerpieces were stunningly simple against the backdrop of the funky carpet and ornate stone windows of the old "Tip Top Tap". 

Timothy Whaley Photography
Kristen and Adam's sisters served as Maid of Honor and Best Woman respectively.  After K&A's first dance they gave heartwarming speeches, regaling all the guests with stories of the couple's relationship.

Timothy Whaley Photography
Dinner passed by quickly in order to get to Kristen's favorite part of the night--DANCING!  I don't think I've ever seen anyone so excited to dance as Kristen was when she ran onto the dance floor for the Bridal Party dance to Outkast's Hey Ya.  The enthusiasm was shared by Kristen and Adam's friends and family.  Noah (aka DJ Weaponry) from Style Matters did a great job of keeping the party going the whole night.

Timothy Whaley Photography
 The desert buffet was opened at 10pm--cupcakes and mini dulce de leche cakes from Bombon--and by 10:10 the spread was COMPLETELY GONE!  I've never seen anything like it!  I had to go begging guests to give up their sweets so I could make sure Kristen and Adam got one for themselves :)

It was a really wonderful evening and everyone walked away with smiles on their faces.  Kristen and Adam, it was an absolute pleasure working with both of you!  Let's stay in touch.  :)

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