Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Speakeasy Soiree

Hello blog fans!  Sorry about the short absence but there have been some exciting things happening with Five Grain Events...more to come on all of that fun stuff over time :).  

Meanwhile, Five Grain Events has a new addition!  Lauren Boerman has joined the team and Sara and I are thrilled to have her.  On the 15th I hosted a fun little wedding vendor get-together, and Lauren was nice enough to write up the blog post on it.  See below for some photos of the event, courtesy of Lizz Sisson of Studio Starling, Suzy Rohan of Lily Red Studio, and 312photobooth.

Last week, Five Grain Events had the pleasure of being a part of Speakeasy Soiree--a prohibition-themed networking event for wedding professionals--at Jordan's Food of Distinction along with our friends from Fleur, Lily Red Studio, 312photobooth, Cacao Sweets & Treats, BBJ Linen, DJ Sasha Savic, and Studio Starling.  We had a roaring good time!  

Guests were greeted with the password to gain entry to the event.
Photo by Studio Starling
The invitations as well as all the collateral design pieces were created by Suzy of Lily Red Studio.  They really helped to realize the 1920s theme.
Photo and Design by Lily Red Studio
JFOD was the perfect space for mixing and mingling--BBJ Linen was kind enough to provide the gorgeous eggplant linens.

Photo by Studio Starling

In the twenties, partygoers drank from teacups to conceal their illegal beverages.  To keep with the theme everyone was encouraged to sip their Mint Juleps out of vintage teacups. 

Photo by Studio Starling

The food looked and tasted fabulous.  JFOD outdid themselves!

Photo by Studio Starling

Kelly Marie from Fleur provided beautiful white floral and feather centerpieces in mercury glass vases to accent JFOD's chic decor.  The mercury glass votives enhanced the room's swanky feel.  She even took lables off liquor bottles to hold a bloom or two on the highboys.  Uugh, SO FUN!

Photos by Studio Starling
Cacao's sweets were to die for.  Did they happen to eat dessert first in the twenties?

Photo by Studio Starling

Guests had a great time seeing old friends and meeting new... some even took the evening's theme to heart and dressed to impress.

Photo by Studio Starling
Ok, so we kind of cheated and had modern music, but DJ Sasha Savic's tunes definitely kept up the party atmosphere.

Photo by Studio Starling

Enjoying the company of some industry friends

Photo by Studio Starling
Everyone got into the fun of the photobooth with 20s-themed props.  Tommy gun anyone?  

Photo by Studio Starling
And of course the ladies of Five Grain Events hopped in to take some official company photos!

Photos from 312photobooth
  It was a great night!  Thanks to everyone who came out and made it a blast.
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Saturday, March 5, 2011


I would wager that most successful entrepreneurs can pinpoint something specific that helped their business grow from an unpredictable start-up to a sustainable business.  

Photo by Laura Witherow Photography

My "thing" is Kelly Marie Uss from Fleur.  :)  A year ago today Kelly and I met for lunch to get to know each other.  I had heard great things about Fleur and so referred her to my October 10th wedding.  That evening was the rehearsal for my first wedding as Five Grain Events.

Photo by Joe Gallo Photography

As we chatted I got to hear Kelly's story of how she started in the business--it was an incredibly easy conversation.  All of a sudden I felt comfortable enough to ask her a question I hadn't had anyone to ask before...and then another...and then another.  I walked away from our lunch armed with a list of fabulous vendors to meet with and a renewed feeling of confidence.

Photo by Dory Tuohey Photography

A few weeks later I got a great phone call--a bride looking for a day-of coordinator, referred by Kelly Marie.  Megan ended up booking as did four other 2010 brides.  Over half of my weddings in 2010 were with Fleur and from those 6 I have gotten 4 referrals--and it's only March.

Photo by Timothy Whaley Photography

I don't even want to try to quantify how much Kelly's referrals will mean for Five Grain Events.  But I do want to say how much her encouragement and friendship has meant to me personally over the past year.  As a new planner, Kelly helped me gain the confidence I needed to feel comfortable in my new role as an "expert in my field".  (Ok, I still don't feel comfortable calling myself an EXPERT, but I'm getting there!).

Photo by Stephen Green Photography

Since I haven't been able to properly thank Kelly for everything she's done (what could I do?  send flowers??)  I thought this would be a way to commemorate the one-year mark of our great relationship.

Photo by Stephen Green Photography

I hope that one day I can be as inspiring to a newcomer in the wedding industry as Fleur has been to me.  And in the meantime I'm happy just to be collaborating with another fantastically fabulous Logan Square wedding vendor! <3
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Five Grain Events has been published!

Check out some tips Five Grain Events submitted to Brides Chicago on what should be included in out of town welcome bags...

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